January 2021

Grace Fellowship is a group of people following Jesus together

What a joy it has been to see one another and declare that Jesus is worth trusting and worshipping in person, even in such uncertain times. We understand that many are vulnerable or concerned about attending in person; we are here for you! Here is what you can expect as we continue to navigate the local and state mandates surrounding COVID-19:

  • LIVESTREAMING: All of our services will continue to be livestreamed and recorded. Please know this commitment to livestream will continue into the future.
  • FACE COVERINGS + ARMBANDS: Please do kindly wear a mask at all times indoors and protect those around you. Masks and hand sanitizer are in the back of the room. In addition, armbands are available to wear in order to alert others to give you some necessary extra space.
  • SEATING: Seating has been reconfigured to allow large families to sit close together, and yet space between rows. This is intentionally provided so that we can maintain social distancing.
  • CONTACTLESS GIVING: We have moved our giving online and do not pass any offering plate at this time. If preferred, there is also a box in the back to drop gifts on your way out.  
  • ROOM CAPACITY: The State of New Jersey has granted churches a religious exemption to meet in person, with the stipulation that we will limit our attendance to 150 people, or 25% of a room's capacity. We have seating to accommodate this regulation, and our intention is to follow it.
  • MINISTRY CHANGES: Adult Sunday School and Grace Kids! are currently suspended. However, we do have Children's Church for ages 3-3rd grade that releases during our Sunday service. Please do send your kids with those masks!

If you have any concerns or questions, please do reach out to the office We hope to see you in person or online this Sunday!


Grace Fellowship Church