On Monday, June 1, 2020, Maceo Renda was doing what many little boys were that day: playing in the backyard. None of us could have guessed that something so simple could turn so tragic. While he was in the woods with his brothers and sisters, a tree limb came crashing down, and hit Maceo on the head.

After being airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital, the extent of his injuries was finally being learned. He suffered a crushed skull and a brain laceration. Miraculously, Maceo never stopped breathing nor did his heart stop beating through the ordeal. After several hours of surgery that night, Maceo has since shown a miraculous recovery, but the road will be long and hard. Currently, Maceo has moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility, where he continues to make remarkable progress.


Many families in our region know Maceo's parents, Vince and Catherine, and his siblings, either through their active involvement in Alexandria Schools, their loving family presence at Grace Fellowship Church, or otherwise through their love of people in our community. 

Now it is our chance to look out for the Rendas. The cost of Maceo's medical care, helicopter flight, and ongoing recovery will be quite high. This family is beloved to so many of us! Are you able to help them out in some way? 

Financial contribution:

Both Alexandria Township local parents and Grace Fellowship Church are collecting funds that will go straight to this family to assist them in medical bills, living expenses, and lost income. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • To contribute a cash donation please contact Hope Johnson hope.johnson1@yahoo.com / 294 Little York Mount Pleasant Rd Milford, NJ 08848 or Meredith Joseph merfisher2003@yahoo.com / 5 Weston Drive Pittstown, NJ 08867. 
  • To make an online donation through our website, visit this page and select "special designation" from the drop down menu. Because of our non-profit status, Grace Fellowship cannot earmark funds for an individual, but we are free to disperse to an individual or family in need. Due to the processing and per-transaction fees associated with for-profit fundraising platforms, we will be supporting this family through our benevolence fund here at the church through a "special designation." For a letter of donation acknowledgement from the church, email Erika gfadmin@gfefc.org in the church office. 
  • If you prefer to make a check donation, make payable to either "Maceo Renda" or "Grace Fellowship Benevolent Fund." Checks may be mailed to the church or given to Hope Johnson. 

Meals and food:

The community will be collecting freezable meals to feed 6-8 people and non-perishable snacks for the family. To sign up to make a meal and view drop-off information, visit the Renda Meal Train.


A Community Prayer Gathering in honor of the Renda Family will be held on Friday, June 19th at 7-8pm outdoors at Grace Fellowship Church.

Out of respect for the family, we will not be sharing further specifics on Maceo's condition publicly. However, if you would like to receive email prayer updates, please contact Erika in the office gfadmin@gfefc.org.

Above all, thank you so much for your generosity, compassion, and prayers for this dear family. Please join with us in thanking God for sustaining Maceo through so much, and join us in praying he recovers fully.


Grace Fellowship Church