Welcome to Grace Fellowship!
We recognize that everyone who walks through the door has their own unique story to tell, and our hope is that we have a chance to meet you and represent Christ, in the midst of that story. Ultimately, our worship service on Sunday should connect you to God, and to other people that are hoping for the same.

Even though worship starts at 10:30 with a praise band, our hope is that you would join us a few minutes early at 10:15 to have a cup of coffee, so we can hear a little about you.  Typically our services last a little more than an hour.  

Services for children are provided, including a Nursery and a Children's Church from ages 3 to 3rd grade. Please come dressed as you are...the only thing we care about is connecting with Christ and with you! 
We sincerely hope to see you Sunday. 

                  Sermon series




Whether Christmas is your most celebrated holiday of the year, or even if you are just plain worn out by it, the truth is the words 'manger', 'swaddling', and 'shepherds' have a deep imprint on many of us. This is also true of the Christmas characters: who was Mary really? A literary character described for the benefit of the story? Or was she just a scared, anonymous, teenaged mom struggling to apply her faith to her situation? As we open up the book of Luke, our hope is to recover the authentic people and world behind the stories, and apply the hope of Jesus' birth to our world today. Please join us as we open up these 'Advent Stories'.